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Limited lifetime Replacement Warranty

     WL AUTO GLASS uses the latest technologies and tools to repair & replace your auto glass. Our goal is to provide you with service that is fast and convenient, and to use only the best products available.

     Your windshield or back glass installation is guaranteed by WL AUTO GLASS  to last as long as you own the vehicle. Our experienced workers will install your new glass, ensuring that there are no leaks and the glass is sealed properly. The only way our sealed glass can leak is if it is broken or the area around it rusts.

     In case any of the work done by us needs more attention, we will do it without any extra cost. Remember, all the work is done by experienced professionals who have utmost experience in executing such a job.

     Every installation of a windshield by WL AUTO GLASS is guaranteed against air and water leaks for as long as you own or lease your vehicle, except leakage due to body deterioration. We do not warranty against rock chips or where damage occurs due to an accident, theft, acts of nature, or self-inflicted damage. 

     Manufacturer's Warranty: Our windshields are guaranteed by the manufacturer for no more than ninety (30) days against stress cracks, distortion, rear-view mirror adhesion. All of the original manufacturer's warranty, which may also include any guidelines or restrictions which are applicable to the warranty, shall apply to all material defects and workmanship that would render this product unfit for its normal and recommended usage. Damage due to body deterioration, theft, vandalism, act of nature or any accidental damage.

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