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ADAS Recalibration

Have you noticed the camera on or by your windshield? That camera is responsible for the proper operation of one or more of the ADAS features in your vehicle such as adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, pedestrian avoidance, among others. When we complete an ADAS recalibration, it is that windshield camera we are recalibrating. There are two types of ADAS recalibration, static and dynamic.


Static Recalibration

Static recalibration consists of setting up a vehicle-specific target board a precise distance from the vehicle and finding the center of the vehicle. The camera is then recalibrated via the scan tool connected to the vehicle’s computer and the target board aligns the vehicle.


Dynamic Recalibration

Dynamic recalibration consists of hooking up a scan tool to the vehicle and going for a road test. The road test will then align the vehicle while the scan tool recalibrates the camera.

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