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Local Service for Mobile Windshield Replacement

If you have a vehicle that has suffered damage to its windshield you know it needs to be taken care of. But the question everyone asks is how long can you wait to repair a crack or chip in your windshield? Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Size: in most cases, if the damage is larger than 3/8 inch deep, is more than 2 inches long, or breaks through the edge of the glass it needs to be done soon as possible.

  • Location: Cracks spreading at the edge of the glass or that stretch over the glass and obstruct the driver’s vision needs to be addressed right away.

  • Timespan: The longer damage is left untreated the worse is will become as dirt and dust built up and extreme heat and cold can also cause damage to become worse.

Contact WL Auto Glass of Davenport, FL today to get help with your windshield and to see what our local mobile windshield replacement and repair services can do for you!

Mobile Windshield Replacement

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