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Davenport Auto Glass Replacement

One thing we here at WL Auto Glass promise is we will always be honest and upfront with you. This includes all services we are going to do as well as what is beyond our ability.


We will never lie to you or tell you we can do something when we can’t. Not all windshield damage can be repaired by our, unfortunately. Sometimes the damage is too severe or it is too risky to do the work safely. Examples of damage that generally cannot be repaired include:

  • damage that goes through all layers of the glass

  • chips that are deep or larger than a quarter

  • cracks longer than 6 inches or that hit the glass edge

  • glass that has more than one chip or crack

  • damage right in the driver’s line of vision

Here at WL Auto Glass we care about your safety and this is why we will not repair glass that poses a safety hard and will opt to replace such damaged glass. We will always be upfront with you so call us today to learn more about Davenport auto glass replacement.

Auto Glass Replacement

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